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The exciting seaside vacation and gambling town of Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City New Jersey

atlantic city around townWith the legalization of gambling Atlantic City turned around the declining popularity it experienced in the 1970s. Old seaside hotels gave way to glitzy casinos on prime Boardwalk property. Now, more than 34 million people visit this "Queen Of The Resorts" annually.

From around the world, visitors come to experience the entertainment in the casinos, the area's fine dining, shopping and of course to gamble on a wide variety of games including slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker and much more.

Outside of the lure of the casinos the city's biggest attraction still remains its five miles of beach, where vacationers can set aside a few hours to sunbathe and dip into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic City however is much more than gambling and swimming however. This dynamic destination truly is a "world-class visitor and meeting destination" offering championship golf courses, fine dining, boating, fishing, shopping, amusement parks and much more.

Home to the Miss America pageant, its Michigan Avenue boasts the 'Rose Walk' where rose-colored lights illuminate bronze plaques with inscriptions from past queens. Another popular attraction, the Historic Gardner's Basin features water-activities such as charter fishing, parasailing, cruises and more. Located in the city's inlet section it the Basin is also home to shops, a lively bar/restaurant, called the Flying Cloud, and the ever-popular Seafood Festival.

atlantic city things to doCapitalizing on its current appeal the city has built a $268 million Atlantic City Convention Center, to further boost tourism, along with a $4 million Visitor Welcome Center. Located on the expressway the Welcome Center is a particularly imposing structure with a fabric roof reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. Built in the shape of a 75-foot-tall "A", it offers brochures and maps as well as trained counselors who can help you to plan your trip. Even more impressive is the new Grand Boulevard entrance to the city. Located at the base of the expressway the Grand Boulevard, made up of the Atlantic Plaza and Atlantic Park, boasts a lighthouse replica with a fabulous nighttime laser light show and a simulated boardwalk complete with jetties.

Whether your interests are water sports, fishing, dining out, gambling or simply sunbathing, Atlantic City offers individuals and families the quintessential beach vacation.

A Little About Atlantic City Casinos

You'll never wander around Atlantic City looking for something to do. We have thirteen major casinos as well as many other attractions. Although you may think that gaming costs a lot of money, if you pick your casinos and games correctly, you can have days of fun for very little cash. There are fast paced high stakes games that have a lot riding on one or two plays, but there are also lower, more sedate games that last longer, and can go on for hours. When you choose one of these, you'll be able to make your money last. Although they won't pay out as large as the high stakes games, it's the same in gaming as it is everywhere else - low risk is low payout! You probably won't get rich playing these games, but you'll be able to play for a good long time.

For an addictively easy game that will last you all week long, you can't go wrong with Pai Gow Poker. This game is based on Pai Gow tiles and poker, and is amazingly easy. Youcan find it being played at Ballys, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Plaza in limits of $5 to $50 or even $100. The game itself is very easy.

You are dealt seven cards, as is the dealer. You create a two card hand and a five card hand out of the seven cards, without drawing. The five card hand is the high hand, and the two card hand is the low. The reason the game is slow paced is that in order for either the player or the dealer to win, both hands must be higher than the opponents. So, if the high hand you have is lower than the high hand the dealer has, your high hand loses, but your low hand must also be lower than the dealer's low hand, otherwise you just get your money back. The same chip can sit for many a hand until one of you has two hands that beat the other's. Play this game at a five dollar table, and twenty dollars will last you all day.

Like with anything, the more you practice at table games the better you get, and the longer you will be able to play. Always remember that casinos are in business to make money, so the odds are in their favor. Pai Gow Poker often has a smaller payout because you won't be spending much money while you're in the casino playing! If you just want to come play cards and have a good time, though, the casinos offering these games are the ones for you.

Family Vacations Away From the Boardwalk

What could be more delightful than taking your family on a group exploration of some place exciting and different? You'd want a place with a lot of history, yet somewhere where both you and the kids have age appropriate activities. You'll find just such a place on the south shore of New Jersey, in the Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City. We have 35 million visitors a year from all over the world, and a place for every one of them to stay. You won't have to pay a lot to get a lot when you find your large and comfortable room in Atlantic City. On the Boardwalk or in the city, we have rooms for all price ranges and all types of travelers.

If you're looking for a bargain room and you're bringing your family, you may want to stay just outside Atlantic City in the Abescon New Jersey area. This is just a few miles from the Boardwalk, and features large hotel chain names you'll recognize, like Comfort Inn.

Many travelers stay in the suburbs of Atlantic City because of the convenience of both the Boardwalk and the airport, as well as the comparative quiet of the area. Atlantic City is an exciting place with a great nightlife, and rarely sleeps!

Staying on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Staying on the Boardwalk itself is another alternative, and is great for folks who are coming to enjoy the entertainment, concerts, and gaming that Atlantic City has to offer.

When you choose to stay in one of these hotels, you will find yourself surrounded by glamour and grandeur, although you can always find great accommodations at places like the very popular Econo Lodge Beach Block.

The casinos are almost exclusively located with the sumptuous larger hotels, such as Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino, making them a great place to stay and see everything the Boardwalk has to offer. With so much money coming in from the entertainment and the gaming, these rooms are often deeply discounted, so you can enjoy a four star room for a two star price.

However you choose to travel, you'll find no obstacles to having a great night's sleep when you stay in Atlantic City. Be it on the Boardwalk or in the suburbs, we specialize in lovely clean rooms that are worth a lot more than you'll pay. Come be surprised by the accommodations in Atlantic City this year on your family vacation.